Center for Global Studies Elementary Interior Murals

students and adults talking and doing activities rendered in bright colors.

The Principal of Dillard Drive Magnet Elementary wanted to refresh the school’s interior space. This project aimed to showcase the school’s magnet theme of being a Center for Global Studies and better reflect the diverse student population. The murals are used to welcome people into the space with friendly energy. They also serve as a launching point to share how the school uses its magnet theme in education.

black and whites sketches of children engaged in various activities

The project started with sketches of students engaging in activities that felt current and embraced the diversity of learning opportunities the school embraces. 
The color palette used the school’s logo as a starting point yet pushed the possibilities with hue and saturation. Once the palette felt good to the team, the primary colors were elevated, and the remaining colors were delegated to supporting roles. Representation matters. It was crucial the palette both complimented and contrasted a range of skin tones. 
dillard elementary logo, two groups of colorful saturated splotches, followed by a small group of skin toned splotches, and finally a small sketch with color applied
Once the color palette was established, I explored how the color would work with the line art. 
The type was both hand-lettered and utilized a font with a hand-drawn quality to express enthusiasm and the imperfect nature of growth. 
Welcome in large, yellow block letters, with french translation and a smiling blue globe above, and spanish translation below. The bottom features a line of text Dillard Drive Magnet Elementary Established 2020

Center for Global Studies Middle School Interior Signage

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