Photograph of middle aged women wear a white t-shirt. She’s Caucasian with short, white hair, tortoise shell plastic eye glasses, and is smiling, and wears thick

Anna Totten is a designer, illustrator, and artist who aims to make the world more friendly, one project at a time. Her work includes community art initiatives, murals, writing and illustrating stories, and art instruction. 

Anna is skilled in simplifying forms including, people, nature, and animals, into bold, approachable, family-friendly visuals. She believes in the power of visual literacy and loves to flex her creative muscle, especially in service to those who may feel left out. Helping kids⏤and the kid inside⏤feel seen and heard is some of the best work of all.
Anna is a graduate of North Carolina State University’s College of Design, a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and a Heroes Read volunteer.

Anna lives in North Carolina under a lovely yet allergy-inducing canopy of oaks. She enjoys geeking out over creepy critters and fungi, and is often reading a book written for kids. 
Overhead view of artist Anna Totten sitting at a desk, holding a fat pencil in her hand, and sketching abstract animal shapes onto wood. Anna has short, gray hair, is wearing glasses, long blue earrings, a black shirt and bright coral cardigan.