Anna Totten is a designer and illustrator who aims to make the world more friendly, one project at a time. Being a creative generalist allows her to adapt to various business needs and pull from a wealth of skills and experience. Anna can help you elevate your mission by developing clean and approachable solutions your customers crave.

  • Strategy

    Intake Sessions
    Product Definition
    Consensus Building
    Information Architecture

  • Digital

    Mobile Apps
    User Experience

  • Print


  • Environmental

    Community Art Activations
    Building Graphics
    Trade Show Booths

Across media and industries, I create beautiful artifacts—but most importantly, I visualize complex ideas that help teams align thinking and propel businesses forward.

Selected Projects

City of Raleigh Innovation 

This was a one day engagement to live sketch-note during the city’s strategic conference. I captured ideas from keynote speakers and group brainstorming. All attendees had a visual takeaway of the day’s events. 

  • UX & Visual Design for the Fox News Electoral College App. Users tap States to predict different election outcomes, with the ability to save and share scenarios.

  • Visual Details include a streamlined palette, textural details, and clear information display to enhance enjoyment.

Internal Marketing Tool

I designed the UI and print templates for this custom-built tool that allowed hospital staff to update content, ensuring quick turnaround when changes needed to be distributed to offices throughout their service region.

Dillard Drive Magnet Elementary

Design and installation of interior murals to showcase the school’s magnet theme of being a Center for Global Studies. The imagery welcomes people into the school with friendly energy, reflects the diverse student population, and serves as a launching point to share how the school uses its magnet theme in education.

  • Figure out what to represent

  • Define colors

  • Establish & install supporting visuals

  • Expand to spirit apparel

Community Art Engagement

City of Raleigh Arts, Neighborhood Artist Fund

Make Your Mark

I wanted to encourage the community to engage with art and invite viewers to become the artist. Each installation is like a life-sized coloring book on the sidewalk. Empty areas encourage people to draw over and fill in the lines. The result is a more colorful artwork that transforms with each artist. The murals renew with rain showers allowing continued engagement overtime. In 2021, three newest installations feature bilingual English-Spanish signage.

City OAKS and SPOKES, Downtown Raleigh Alliance, City of Raleigh

Bike Bonanza

During multi-vendor event to celebrate cycling in Raleigh, I led a collaborative art activity for visitors.

After the event’s conclusion, I added a paint wash to make an image of a bicycle. From a distance, the art appeared to be a colorful bike. However, as viewers got closer to the art, they could see the individual drawings and writings from everyone. It became a crowd-sourced art that stayed on display for the remainder of May, aka Bike Month.

To encourage participation, the prompts I developed for Bike Bonanza considered all ages, reading levels, and preference for writing vs. drawing.

City of Raleigh Arts

Bus Shelter Beautification

The crocus and hellebore are the first flowers after winter and are meant to be a point of beauty within a bus stop shelter's functional infrastructure. This was designed at the start of the pandemic when American society was taking action against racial injustice. There can be signs of hope in the little details.

In any given situation, I utilize empathy, craftsmanship, and strategic design thinking to deliver effective solutions.

Do you have a project or position in mind where I may be a fit?

I prefer initial contact via email: anna at annatotten dot com